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StrayDog Helmet


Walther PPK/S & Holster

Mauser C-96

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This section is dedicated to my own items from the Kerberos Saga.


StrayDog Helmet

Wishing to get a more accruate helmet, I bought a mask at "Nightmare Armor Studios".

And it was a real nightmare!

For the (expensive!) price, I expected a better product quality, the mask received was asymmetrical, full of bubbles, holes, molding damages...

Very far than Buildup masks!

I had a lot of work on it, I had to totally disassemble, sanding defects, cut and drill to obtain a correct result (but not really perfect).

Mask during processing

Platoon numbers under painting and finished

The helmet was purchased on Ebay

All modified and painted parts before assembly

I also made the strips fixations

Views of the final helmet

I will added light system on the eyes soon, this is only a CG preview picture



This replica came from "Cushman Paintball" website, and just like above my helmet, I was very disappointed when I've received it...

I bought this "De Luxe edition" for more than $140, but what I received was really not "De Luxe" !

Manufacturing defects, cracks, very poor molding and bad packaging, the gun arrived broken (no protective material in the packet)...

Detail of the broken part

A new canon made by myself

To correct the errors of modeling on the details, I used a large number of big heads nails of different sizes that I bunk above those that were badly casted.

The result is finally far than perfect, but very better than before.

I also change the bipod that swivels at 180° now.


More informations about the weapons used in the movie on this website.