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Armors Type 92

Making the armor

Casio HS-8 calculator


Type 92 design was done by Yutaka Izubuchi for the first live action movie Akai Megane (1987).

According to the actor Chiba Shigeru (who played Koichi Todome) there was almost no field of vision because of the lighting system of the eyes, and wearing the costume made almost lose his sight due of the intensity of the light and the heat.


Type 92

Below, some pictures of screen used Protect Gears from promotional materials, interviews and exhibitions.

Original sketch design for the armor




The nuclear motif on the belt is originally a lid of stove on which the nuclear logo was placed




Screen used armor

Midori Washio's T92 is the only one surviving full Protect Gear from the original props.

The helmet is a resculpted version of the WWII German "Stahlhelm" with addition of five holes logo on each side, the design signature of Yutaka Izubuchi.

Chest close-up


Detail of the Mauser C96 shield holster

Interior of a Midori original left forearm owned today by a japanese private collector


Making the armor

A very interesting set of scans from B-Club Magazine show the Protect Gear making process by the artist Shinada Fuyuki.

Many parts were made in urethane covered with fake leather, and sorme elements were made in FRP.

The same process was used in the second movie StrayDog (and more generally in the costume making industry and cosplaying).


Casio HS-8 calculator

A Casio HS-8 (or HS-8B, the two models are similar) calculators were used as chest element.


Calculators patiently painted in black

The calculators were a nod to the Wataridori movies produced by Nikkatsu studios, which achieved a great popularity throught 50's and 60's.

Calculators were used on the Protect Gears because Akai Megane was originally intended as a parody of Nikkatsu programs, and the funny idea of calculating the ammunition cost while fighting came from a scene of a Wataridori movie.

Thanks to Gerhard to have found the model used (picture from my collection).

The HS-8 is quite visible on this promotional picture


Akai Megane movie trailer


1:1 Merchandising