Protect Gear (プロテクトギア) :

Armor from the fictional Kerberos Saga created by the writer and director Mamoru Oshii.

The original design was made on 1986 by the famous mechanical designer Yutaka Izubuchi.

Other concepts have been done by other designers for the various works which is composed of Kerberos Saga.

This site aims to show real used movies armors and accessories, 1:1 merchandising items and Protect Gears list of fans achievements.

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Mr Yoshikatsu Fujiki (main actor of StrayDog movie and voice performer of Fuse Kazuki in Jin-Roh) and I, near original screen used Protect Gear.
Tokyo, Japan, August 2008.


Artist and illustrator Akemi Takada, the Kerberos unit's emblem designer and me.
Toulon, France, April 1998.

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