Protect Gears of this section are inspired by the "Kerberos Saga" to create new alternative styles of armors.


List of the armor makers

No official full scale Protect Gears are unfortunately made for sale, but some models are built in various fan workshops.

I don't make a special promotion of these products but they exists, contrary to the official products...

All these Protect Gears are not screen accruates to the T98 from Akai Megane or StrayDog.


Nightmare Armor Studios

The more older model is the armor created by Nightmare Armor Studios (NAS).

It's a mix between several Protect Gears designs : the helmet, the back pack, the gauntlets and the chest plate are clearly inspired by the StrayDog version.

The shoulders and the tassets are from the Jin-Roh's T98.

This model was very often used by fans for costuming, even if the retrail prices were high.

During the production NAS changed some details of the original armor, principally with the addition of elements of their armor inspired by various video games.

Made in resin, the armor could be bought as full set or the elements separately but the prices was always expensive and the quality became poor for the last productions...

This Protect Gear is no longer available, the production was stopped by NAS but second hand armors can be found on Internet.

Promotional pictures from NAS


Custom set with shoulders and forearms from the video game armor


Products from China

This armor (probably a recast of the NAS version) is sometimes available on Internet.

Only the helmet and the legs are different from the NAS model.

Full set is generally sold around 1000$, it's cheaper than the original NAS armor but the resculpted parts seems very strange...

Especially the legs who remind more the legs of a Gundam robot than anything else...

The helmet can be sold separately, or sometimes in a set with the bust.




Armor parts with the curious "Gundam" legs


The seller have also mix various elements from a SWAT armor to create this set



This armor is based on the design of the Chuichi Koshiramaru figure made by Takara.

Made on polished glass fiber, this armor looks good and seems to be very well made; but I have no feedback about the quality yet.

Sometimes (but rarely) available on Internet.


Fan customs

Very nice original fan creation Helmet