Metallic Kerberos Insigna

Metallic replica sold for StrayDog movie merchandising.

Size 6x7 centimeters they are used on the shield of the T92 and on the shoulders of the T10.

Resin casted and metal replicas have been used for the movie.

The design was done by the great Japanese illustrator Akemi Takada.

Insigna from my collection.


Back, with fixations screws


Kerberos Insigna Patch

This patch is used on the animated movie Jin-Roh, it's graphically similar to those used before, but it has a dominant red color.

Size 10x8.5 centimeters.

Picture from my collection


Metallic Kerberos insigna version 2010

Last version of the classical emblem, very similar to the original but with a different sculpture (images from Kerberos

Sold with a superb exhibition box

Three pins system are used to fix the insigna to the clothes

The principal difference between the two versions is the left head of the Kerberos.