Bringing a guest as part of a cultural event often proves to be a complicated task...

Between the solicitations, negotiations, logistics and management of the guest during the event, numerous steps are required.

This demands time, experience and organization.

Five Colors Company is the help you need to support you in your project as intermediary between your event and your guests.

Although we are dealing mainly with Japanese artists, our speciality, we will support you with guests from anywhere around the world.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out which solution is the most suitable to your needs and requirements.




Fascinated by Japanese artists for over twenty years, I have been able with great honour to lend a hand as a volunteer managing the well-being and needs of guests in many festivals.

I have collaborated on several French events, while building connections and gaining trust with both Japanese and French artists.

These wonderful experiences motivated me to jump to a professional career and to create Five Colors Company.

The choice and management of a guest are essential in the success of an event. For this exhilarating and demanding task my services and my experience will guarantee you a safe and successful gathering.

Patrice RATIER
Five Colors Company Manager




Emails :

Phone number :
00336 52 53 63 16







Due to the type of our company, according the french legislation, our prices are net without taxes.

Costs for each artist :

Contact request : 50€*

- This cost includes the first contacts for your event with the guest desired.

* This step is free as part of a guest submitted by us (subject to agreement and availability)

Completion of the project

- Our fee schedule is according to the amount of the artist's remuneration.

From 0€ to 2499€ of salary : Package 250€ 

From 2500€ and over : Amount equivalent to 10% of the salary of the artist

- Our work is considered completed and must be payed when the contract drafted by the organizer of the event is signed by both parties.

Help during the event : Free

- If your organisation requires our presence during the event to managing your guest(s) in and outside France, we don't take any money but you need to take on charge our catering, accommodation, and transport costs.

For the payment, we accept only Paypal with an extra of 4% of the total amount due to the Paypal costs.

All of our terms and conditions are attached to the contract and are available on request (in french only).


   Five Colors Company - Siret : 821 674 991 00012